Just a Rainy Day

Allison had hoped to have some fun over spring break, but when she slipped down the rain-soaked hill and sent the pot of gold tumbling down after her, she found an adventure which she was not soon to forget.

Leprechaun gold is never free for the taking. One moment prepared to escape with her treasures, Allison finds herself the next moment lying on the ground in another world. And the leprechauns are none too happy to see her jacket full of their gold. Though her only goal is to return home before anyone misses her, Allison finds herself a little sidetracked by the wonders and difficulties of an entrancing land where humans are by far the minority. Trimming mushrooms, dancing with elves, and running for her freedom, her last hope is that her one time enemy can safely travel to the land of the trolls and bring back the key to her escape.

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